Leamington Cricket Club News story

Sponsorship Officer

08 Aug 2019

Leamington CC currently has a number of fantastic sponsors including The Wigley Group, Building and Plumbing Supplies, Blythe Liggins, Handles, Appoly and Stitches, to whom we are extremely grateful and look forward to developing those partnerships even further.

However we are still keen to attract even more local businesses or individuals, so that we can continue to build the club and maintain and improve our fantastic facilities to all our members.

To assist with this we are looking for anybody that may be interested in taking on a Sponsorship Manager’s role or being part of a sponsorship committee, if anybody is interested please contact me or our Chairman Kevin Mitchell on the below e mail addresses




Mark Davison Davisonmark7@aol.com

Kevin Mitchell kpm@blytheliggins.co.uk