Leamington Cricket Club News story


07 Apr 2021

Dear Members

Please see below the ECB and Government guidance for return to cricket .These have been put in place to allow an early return to Cricket and there will be spot checks by governing bodies. We appreciate your support in following the guidance

  • please self-assess for COVID-19 symptoms prior to leaving home and do not attend if symptomatic but follow NHS and PHE guidance on self-isolation
  • please be aware that there is an increased risk associated with taking part in cricket activity
  • please comply with public health restrictions and avoid high risk behaviour outside of the cricket setting
  • please be aware of the need to adhere to legal gathering limits before and after cricket activities and to act responsibly to limit transmission risk wherever possible
  •  please make sure that it is your choice to participate in a modified version of the game and you need to comply with COVID-19 measures
  • please be aware that if you have a health condition you may put yourself at increased risk and should consider the risks of participating in cricket activity
  • social distancing and good hygiene practice should be maintained at all times whilst at Leamington CC or away venues
  • be aware of the need to limit the time spent congregating at a Leamington CC or an away venue before and after the cricket activity
  • changing rooms are closed and you should arrive and go home in your kit
  •  you should bring your own food (including tea) and your drink and water bottles should be clearly marked with your name and not shared
  • the Rule of 6 (or as a group made up of two households) should be observed off the field
  • sharing of equipment must be avoided where possible
  • as last season please remind yourself of the adaptions to the game including sanitising breaks every 6 overs ( please bring your own sanitiser)
  •  no sweat or saliva should be applied to the ball
  • no spectators are currently allowed whilst cricketing activity is taking place.

Club Committee